TCG: Man Made of Birds
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  CV (Curriculum Vitae)  [WORD doc download]
My old text-outline (1995?) of the Main LITERARY PERIODS of Western Civilization—(Boy, those were the days, the monologic privileging of Dead White Euro- Males!)
"Characteristics of ROMANTICISM; Western Culture as Binary Oppositions" — a long-in-process summation of an ultimately(?) left-brain/right-brain dichotomy that permeates my teaching of both Euro-Romanticism and Euro-American vs. Native worldviews
My rather extensive "Literary Criticism & Critical Theory" page
"Teaching Guide for "'Of Avians and Indigenes': Preliminary Notes on the Orientalization of the New World Native and Natured Others," in Literature Compass
A longtime favorite text, so I made my own footnoted and paragraph-numbered(!) version of Dostoevski's Notes from Underground (Modified Garnett translation)   [WORD doc download]

  Header of a recent online syllabus:

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