TCG: Man Made of Birds


Review of Aaron M. Moe's Zoopoetics: Animals and the Making of Poetry (Lexington Books, 2014), in Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 32.1-2 (Summer/Fall 2014): 91-95
Essay: "Immigration as Cultural Imperialism: An Indian Boarding School Experience; or, The Peer Gynt Suite and the Seventh Cavalry Cafe," in Great Plains Quarterly 34.2 (Spring 2014): 111-122
Poems: "Dad's Picture," "Halfbreed in Academia," "Scanning Photos from the Family Albums," and "Trying to Fall Asleep After Driving All Day in Western South Dakota," in Paddlefish #7: 54-57
Poem: "How to Write the Perfect Native American Poem," in The South Dakota Review 49.3 (Fall 2011): 55-56
Poem: "Bad Bird," in Babbling Birds: An Anthology of Poems About Parrots, From Antiquity to the Present, ed. David L. O'Neal (Green Parrot Press, 2011): 119
Chapbook: Red-Handed Words—a collection of poetry by the Native American Spiritual and Cultural Awareness (NASCA) writing group, at the Nebraska State Penitentiary (my editing & page-layout)
Unpublished review of Blake M. Hausman's novel Riding the Trail of Tears (U of Nebraska P, 2011)
  Center for Digital Research in the Humanities web project Quills & Feathers: Literary Birds of the Northern Great Plains
. . . own poems in Quills: "Bird Poem II" (reprinted), "Looking at Thirteen Blackbirds Confused by Global Warming and Caught in a Snowstorm in Vermillion, SD, 27 November 2001," "Sturnella Neglecta (Western Meadowlark)," and "Two Birds Meet Lewis and Clark (1805-1806)"

Unpublished review of Vine Deloria, Jr.'s last (posthumous) book C. G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature, and the Primitive (Spring Journal Books, 2009)

Book: Skylark Meets Meadowlark: Reimagining the Bird in British Romantic and Contemporary Native American Literature (U of Nebraska P, November 2009)

Review of Kimberly Blaeser's collection Apprenticed to Justice (Salt Publishing, 2007), in Prairie Schooner 82.3 (Fall 2008): 176-180
Unpublished humorous/occasional essay "Trail Maps? I Don't Need No Stinking Trail Maps!"
Review of Gerald Vizenor's collection Almost Ashore: Selected Poems (Salt Publishing, 2006), in Prairie Schooner 82.2 (Summer 2008): 161-164
Galley proof of my encyclopedia entry "Jung, Carl (1875-1961)," in the Encyclopedia of Counseling, Volume One: Personal and Emotional Counseling (Sage Publishing, 2008)
My "abandoned" blog (2007-2008), called "TCG's BUH-LOG: Inane Refrains & Artless Rhythms," at

Poems: "Bird Poem" (reprinted) and "Bird Poem II," in Nebraska Presence: An Anthology of Poetry, ed. Greg Kosmicki and Mary K. Stillwell (Backwaters Press, 2007): 68, 69
Unpublished translation of a 2003 interview of N. Scott Momaday by Anne Garrait-Bourrier (from her book N. Scott Momaday, l'homme-ours: voix et regard)
Scan of first three pages of "Complaints from the Spotted Hawk: Flights and Feathers in Whitman's 1855 Leaves of Grass," in Leaves of Grass: The Sesquicentennial Essays (U of Nebraska P, 2007): 141-175
Or: PDF (from orig. WORD doc.) of entire essay

"Teaching Guide for "'Of Avians and Indigenes': Preliminary Notes on the Orientalization of the New World Native and Natured Others," in Literature Compass 4.4 (Nov. 2006/June 2007): 1332-1335

Conference paper: "A Fatal Frontier: The Passing of the Passenger Pigeon into Western Nostalgia"
My Introduction to the web project Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

Essay: "Reading Boddo's Body: Crossing the Borders of Race and Sexuality in Whitman's 'The Half-Breed: A Tale of the Western Frontier,'" in Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 22.2-3 (Fall 2004/Winter 2005): 87-107
Scan of first four pages of "An Essay on Eagles," in South Dakota Review 42.3 (Fall 2004): 142-149
Review of Genocide of the Mind: New Native American Writing, ed. MariJo Moore (Thunder's Mouth Press, 2003), in Great Plains Quarterly 24.4 (Fall 2004): 302-303
Essay: "'Of Avians and Indigenes': Preliminary Notes on the Orientalization of the New World Native and Natured Others," in Literature Compass 1.1 (April 2004/Dec. 2005): 1-17

Poem: "Meeting the Master," in Visiting Walt: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Walt Whitman, ed. Sheila Coghill & Thom Tammaro (U of Iowa P, 2003): 68

Web version of my essay "'A Most Absorbing Game': Peterson's Field Guide & The New World Bird as Colonized Other"

Web version of the first half on my seminar paper "'On Your Feet or On Your Knees': Theodor Adorno & Heavy Metal"

Poems: "Hired Gun in an Action Thriller," "A Valentine's Day Poem for My Teacher," and "Wakin' to Orion; or, After Kipling (WAY After)," in Vermillion Literary Project [published under the name "Thomas Abercrombie"]

My rather ancient Cool Bird Poems set of web pages (to be eventually revised and transferred here)
Poems: "Bay Willow" and "Meeting the Master," in You and Me, Streetlamp (Vermillion Literary Project)
My old text-outline of the MAIN LITERARY PERIODS of WESTERN CIVILIZATION—(Boy, those were the days, of Dead White Euro- Males!)

Poem: "Owl Mountain," in The Longneck (issue 2)

Chapter 1 (And front matter) of my U of So Dak M.A. thesis Immortal Sea, Eternal Mind: Romanticism and the Unconscious Psyche
Or: text-file version of Ch. 1

Poem: "Bird Poem" (reprinted), in South Dakota Review 29.3.ii

Poems: "Amontillado" and "Twinky the Puppy Speaks," in Dakota: Plains and Fancy (Vermillion Literary Project)

Poem: "Guitar Player at the State Fair," in South Dakota Magazine
Poem: "Full Moon," in Wanbli Ho

Poems: "The Man Who Had Met Elvis," "Someone Asked Me," and "Twentieth Century Fox," in Green Bowl Review
Poem: "Bird Poem," in South Dakota Review 21.3















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