TCG: Man Made of Birds
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YouTube version of my original guitar instrumental My Pills Are Gone (comp. 2001/rec. 2005)

—MIDI Stuff—
The main links to my antique (1990's) "MIDI" pages follow. The M.I.D.I. format was one of the few means by which to make & disseminate music "efficiently" on the web before the days of gigabyte drives and fast internet speeds. Depending on your computer's MIDI-generator ("synth") software, the music files may sound far from how they were intended!
TCG's Original MIDI Tunes
TCG's MIDI Arrangements

—A Few Old TXT Files: GUITAR TABLATURE & Shtuff—

Chord Formulae & Guitar Fingerboard Interval Chart
Musical Scales: A Brief Compenium
"Beauty and the Beast"—guitar tab of the Disney tune (my fingerstyle-jazz arrangement)
"Chim-Chim-Cher-ee"—yes, the Mary Poppins tune (guitar tab of my fingerstyle-jazz arrangement)
"Dirt in the Ground"—chords & lyrics to the Tom Waits song (Bone Machine, 1992)
"Perfect Water"—chords & lyrics to the Blue Öyster Cult song (Club Ninja, 1986)
"Planet Caravan"—my rhythm guitar & bass tabs of the Black Sabbath song (Paranoid, 1972)
"Smmertime"—chords & lyrics to the George Gershwin standard
"Wipeout"—guitar tab of the surf-rock instrumental classic

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